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Motorcycles for Geezers

I’ve been into motorcycles since I was fifteen–I’m 64 now. Almost a fifty year love affair. For some of those fifty years I made my living as a motorcycle mechanic and Service Manager. I’ve had amazing days on motorcycles, and […]

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Life’s a Beach…

...and then you turn into one giant quivering abdominal cramp. Some time ago, in a moment of monumental stupidity I mentioned to Dave Kalama that I wanted to

Swim, Forrest, Swim!

Swimming is a GREAT geezer exercise. It's low impact, easy on the joints, and it's generally concentrated on the upper body. It's relatively easy to exercise major parts

Captain Billy’s Holiday Reading List

An important part of being an Xtreme Geezer is retaining your mind, maybe even sharpening it a bit. Reading is a critical component of that, but not just

Nutrition for Xtreme Geezers

This is going to be an ongoing topic at Xgeez Central. For two very good reasons. 1. Information about nutrition changes frequently 2. I need all the help I can

Beginning Stand Up Paddle Surfing

Stand Up Paddle Surfing is the fastest growing water sport in the world today. If not for the chilling effects of a worldwide recession you'd be seeing them

Paying For La Vida Xtreme

If you want to play you've got to pay. Living the life of an xtreme geezer can be a retirement gig or part of a working life. But

Stand Up Paddling Cape Cod Bay

Standup paddle boards are fantastic exercise, lots of fun, and they work everywhere there's water. This article is about a distance paddle on SUP boards and some surrounding

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