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Starting and Flying an S.E. 5a

Like most “professional small boys” I love airplanes, especially the biplanes of WW1. They are just so very tactile. I can almost taste and smell what it would be like to fly one. Here’s a fine video of one of […]

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DC-3’s Still Flying Commercially

I had no idea that there was still a DC-3 flying commercially until a friend of mine send me a link to this video. There planes are 75

Building A 737 For Southwest Airlines

Wow, just plain wow. This is a wonderful video of Boeing building and painting a 737-800 for Southwest Airlines (though it looks like the actual airplanes being built

Blues and Bearcats

This is a really cool video of Bearcats, which were the airplanes the early Blue Angels flew the most and modern Blue Angel F18s. When they knew the

P51 Cockpit

Flying old combat planes has to be a serious gas. I've always wanted to be a pilot, but I'm the poster boy for ADD. When you're as easily

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