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Why Are There So Many Xtreme Geezers

Adapted from a CBS news story If you’re nearing or past retirement age you’re far from alone. The number of people age 65 and older around the world hit 506 million last year. At the current rate that number will […]

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Supplements Attitude Research

I found this on a Masters Athletes forum I've recently joined ( Looks quite legitimate and some of you Xtreme Geezers might like to participate. My name is


Magic Supplement ??

Here's a bit of potentially exciting news for older athletes. A recent (relatively small, but what the heck) study indicates your overall athletic performance may be dramatically increased


Nutrition for Xtreme Geezers

This is going to be an ongoing topic at Xgeez Central. For two very good reasons. 1. Information about nutrition changes frequently 2. I need all the help I can

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