Some people seem to think that once you turn some certain age you can’t have fun anymore. Can’t go do things that require physical exertion or that include any potential for injury. We say: Go sell that somewhere else.

Xtreme Geezer has a lot of articles that cover how to start a new hobby when you are middle age or older, and there are articles about people continuing to do things they love, well into what is commonly considered old age. As you get older you tend to have more leisure time–the kids are gone or at least don’t require as much of your time, you may have retired or at least accumulated enough vacation that you can play more. When you see something you’ve never done before that looks like fun, this is the time to do it. And then tell us about it here.

There is also a Forum section where you can engage in lively conversation about almost anything (but especially about Xtreme Geezer activities) with like-minded people. We hope this will grow into a vibrant community for sharing information about staying active.

Tell Us Your Story

Xtreme Geezer is for people who don’t want a seat on the tour bus, don’t want to watch others play. Whatever you are doing to stay in the big game, tell us about it here to encourage others. Life is an adventure. Tell us about yours. Just click the Your Story tab and fill out the form.

Xtreme Geezer has some technological whiz bang stuff to make all of this a little more interesting. You can upload photographs and they will be placed into your article. If you upload a GPS file (either .gpx or .kml) the system will automatically create a Google map showing your trip. The first time you upload an article it may take a little while before you see it published–we need to be sure you’re not some slimy spammer. But once you’ve had an article approved any new articles you post will show up quicky. We may do some editing later, but your story will be up.

If you’d like even more control over your stories, drop us a line and we’ll make you an author. You can have full access to all the capabilities, including video and audio feeds.

Who Is An Xtreme Geezer?

Xtreme Geezerdom begins around age 40. What! you say. Okay, maybe 20 year olds of the opposite sex still think you’re hot (or at least they can still see you). So no, you’re not a true geezer, but if you want to remain active and vital in your 50s, 60s and beyond, it’s time to start thinking like an Xtreme Geezer. That means:
1. Keeping your brain engaged and challenged
2. Improving your nutrition with an aim towards athletic excellence
3. Getting and staying fit
4. Taking on new challenges and new activities whenever they interest you
5. Planning your financial future so you’ll have plenty of time for active pursuits

There will come a time when you’ll see someone doing something that looks like great fun, and you’ll think “I’d like to do that, but I’m too old”. That’s Geezer thinking. Xtreme Geezer thinking is more like this: “I’d like to do that, I wonder if it’s engaging enough for me to do the planning, training and preparation necessary”. Because that’s the difference between thinking like a teenager and thinking like an Xtreme Geezer. Teenagers don’t worry about the consequences because they haven’t experienced the downside. We know that every bad sprain, every broken bone, every muscle tear will return to haunt us later. We don’t close the door on fun, we just work hard to minimize the damage.

If you start thinking like an Xtreme Geezer at 40, you’ll probably be a very tough, very fit, very active and engaged 60. No promises–life has a way of sneaking up and screwing you, and a lot of things you’ll read about here can kill or maim you. But I can promise that if you don’t, you need to start working on fleshing out your butt, because you’ll be spending a lot of time on it.

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