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Fit Past Forty

It seems the average age of elite athletes is increasing. That’s part attitude (no reason to quit) and part training advances. Elite athletes that take care of their bodies and adapt their training as they age can stay competitive much […]

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Outside Mag Girls SUP

Well that does it. For anyone that thought SUP hasn't entered the mainstream here's the rule, if Outside Magazine covers it, it's mainstream. When they bring in the

Waterman Workout Trailer

I've been neglecting Extreme Geezer lately, but it's for a good reason. I've been working hard on an exercise video with Dave Kalama. For those of you that

Why Are There So Many Xtreme Geezers

Adapted from a CBS news story If you're nearing or past retirement age you're far from alone. The number of people age 65 and older around the world hit

Exercise and Weight Loss

We all know exercise is important to being fit and losing weight, but to what degree? Can exercise make up for bad eating choices? For example, say you

Six Sports With Greatest Decline From Age

We all believe that sprinting and jumping sports decline the most with age, and endurance suffers least. A recent study shows we are simply not right about that.

Kalama Kamp

One of the primary differences between starting a difficult sport when you're young and crazy and when you're an Xtreme Geezer is that geezers have more money. So

Notes On Becoming An Xtreme Geezer

...Get off the Bus, Gus So we already know the Geezer part is easy--stick around awhile and you are one. The question is how do we start having more

Life’s a Beach…

...and then you turn into one giant quivering abdominal cramp. Some time ago, in a moment of monumental stupidity I mentioned to Dave Kalama that I wanted to

Swim, Forrest, Swim!

Swimming is a GREAT geezer exercise. It's low impact, easy on the joints, and it's generally concentrated on the upper body. It's relatively easy to exercise major parts

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