Using XGeez

You can participate at the simplest level: Read the articles that interest you.

The next level is making comments. You have to register to make comments but that’s not much of an inconvenience. Comments can be as complex as you like. You can even include pictures and video in your response. But really if you’re going to do that it makes more sense to use the Your Story button and fill out the template so you’ll have your own article posted. If you’d like access to the full editing/publishing system behind XGeez, drop us a line and ask to be made an author. Glad to do it as long as you aren’t a spammer.

XGeez is also a forum. You have to be registered to access it, but once you are you can communicate with friends, share information, see what your friends are up to, and reach out to groups with similar interests. We expect this to become a vibrant community. The forum also permits pictures and videos to be displayed in your posts.

For any level of participation I’d like to thank you for your interest.


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