Great Standup Paddlesurf Video: Praise the Laird

I found this video on the Standup Zone–a forum I frequent (all too frequently). Its by a guy whose handle (or maybe his real name) is Beasho Free. Hmmm, anyway, what I love about the video is his stoke (ok, enthusiasm) which shows right through. The editing is also pretty fine. Here’s the intro Beasho wrote:

Not that Laird needs any more kudos, but I only learned to SUP 15 months ago and I am hooked.

Laird no doubt led the way to motivating the few people who have paid it forward to me: Rich, Mark, Haley, Ian, Jeff and Cassandra.

Attached is a tribute to my stoke, Laird and our shared commitment to autism. As the parent of a beautiful son (on the spectrum) this sport, and being scared a little each day, has helped to turn dark dreams into beautiful days.


Thank the Laird from Beasho Free on Vimeo.

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