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Three Common Mistakes

When I was in high school I did a lot of ski racing and was fortunate to have some very good coaches work with me.  One of the things that always intrigued me was how the right combination of words could […]

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Dave Kalama ” Spin’n and Grin’n “

My good friend Pat Myers has been in town the last few days, trying to collect some footage of me, and threw together this little piece of some

Outside Mag Girls SUP

Well that does it. For anyone that thought SUP hasn't entered the mainstream here's the rule, if Outside Magazine covers it, it's mainstream. When they bring in the

Drowning Doesn’t Look Like Drowning

I found this on Playak, a kayak site I visit frequently looking for technique and equipment information:
This important and educational article was written by Mario Vittone and

Teach Your Children Well…

I'm laid up after knee surgery, so I've been working on some writing that may never see the light of day. Some ideas I have that might someday

7 Ways To Rewrite Your Life Story

What's in your bucket list? Picture what you did last week. Can you remember much? How about looking back five years? Unless you took notes, the only things

Senna–We’ll Never See His Equal

I can't wait to see this movie. I have chicken skin from the trailer. For some reason I wasn't into F1 very much during the Senna days--for one

Starting and Flying an S.E. 5a

Like most "professional small boys" I love airplanes, especially the biplanes of WW1. They are just so very tactile. I can almost taste and smell what it would

Waterman Workout Trailer

I've been neglecting Extreme Geezer lately, but it's for a good reason. I've been working hard on an exercise video with Dave Kalama. For those of you that

Kalama’s 50/50

As my coaching efforts increase, so does the necessity to be creative with my explanations of what I'm trying to convey. You can only say "Reach, Dammit, Reach"

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