Peyote Races With The Big Boys

Peyote is my race car, a homebuilt special based on a Triumph TR3 frame and running gear, built in Minneapolis over 50 years ago by a guy named Bill Ames. I’ve been racing it since 1999, but Peyote has been racing almost continuously for over fifty years.

This video is from the 2010 Columbia River Classic race at Portland International Raceway. This is a race put on by SOVREN . Peyote typically competes in Group 1 with SOVREN, which is vintage smallbore race cars:  Cars older than 1962 and under two liters. Group One is surprisingly competitive, with a number of very fast cars. At the 2010 CRC race though, none of the really fast cars showed up so I moved Peyote into the big bore class to have someone to play with.

It sounds silly to say that this little underpowered car can successfully challenge these monster cars with much greater horsepower, but every car has it’s own advantages. Peyote handles very well and it’s brakes and tires are as good at the end of a session as they are in the early stages. As you’ll see, the little guy holds it’s own.

For best results enlarge to full screen (click the two arrows in the lower right hand corner). If you have a fast internet connection push the HD button. It will download more slowly, you might want to let it build up a big buffer before you start watching to avoid the start/stop problems.

[wpvideo HeTyg6pv]

5 Replies to “Peyote Races With The Big Boys”

  1. PhilDirt

    Great driving Bill! …but a few corrections:

    The BMW 2002’s are actually mid-bore cars with the same displacement as your motor but weighing 500 lbs more… …not to mention they are “flying bricks”! Most of them have more horesepower then Peyote, but the added weight and poor aerodynamics works in your favor.

    At turn 7 where you passed the yellow 911 – actually he slid off the track there unassisted – he did that several times during the race. …you got a gift there but to your credit you were positioned in the right place. He gifted several other cars behind you the same corner.

    Thanks for the tips and insight into your driving style. See you at Spring Sprints!

    • ponobill

      I confess I don’t know that much about BMWs. I do know there’s a lot of them in the Historic group (group 2) but the lap times of the leaders in group 2 are slower than Group 1, so that wasn’t an option. I assumed faster BMWs in the big bore group would have bigger motors.

      Peyote is also a lot fatter than it looks. 1580. There’s a TR3 frame under all that tubing.

    • PhilDirt

      Yeah – the mid-bore group got stuck with the big bore guys on this particular weekend. The BMW 2002’s are limited to 1990 cc displacement – so they are just under 2 liter. See you at Spring Sprints!

  2. Steve

    Sounds like a typical 2002 guy… Excuses and Moaning… BTW I am the yellow 911 driver and I only went off once (that race) because I was trying a little too hard and I think Bill changed my tire pressures when I wasn’t looking. In Bill’s defense he is rarely gifted anything as he is one of the most persisant drivers I have had the pleasure to race with..

    (Did I also mention he cheats?)


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