Maui Party: Yup, It Was Fun

Mark’s party at the Ding King was great fun. There was a really grim MCKC Maliko race earlier in the day, so that was one of the main topics of conversation. A very spooky and slow race (story to follow). But there was lots more to talk about, friends to see and new friends to meet.

Lots of nice folks to talk with

A new Bullet, what a beautiful shape. I paddled Marks new personal one in Saturday’s race. Great board, but it couldn’t make up for the lousy conditions. I was fried by the time I reached the harbor

Marks infamous Standamaran on the wall. The right board for the race. He finished second to Connor Baxter–behind by only a few feet after he had to jump off to clear some weed from the rudders.

The entertainment–fine Uke and Slack Key guitar. Unfortunately the buzz of conversation made it hard to hear, but it made a great background.

I think Junya figured if he made a silly enough face I wouldn’t post the picture. Wrong.

Got to have some Keikis running around.

Nice laugh.

Some of the usual crew

Torrential rain hit just before the party started and probably convinced a few folks not to venture upcountry. The rain lifted just after the party started and it was a nice night

Nothing like some colored lights to make an old Quonset hut look festive.

If you haven’t been to Mark’s shop, you absolutely should go for a visit. Besides doing ding repair and all kinds of custom composite work they also create the slickest, sickest racing and downwind Stand Up Paddleboards anywhere. It’s fun just to see the remarkably advanced construction methods they use. Space age technology in a funky huge Quonset hut with holes in the roof. Of course they’re working with a huge backlog there, so you might not get a grand tour, but you can certainly poke around and ask questions. They’re a friendly bunch. I made a deposit on a board a month or so ago to grab a place in line. I won’t see my new board for another month or two. But if you want a serious Maliko board, this is the place.

This was the invitation and map. It’s right next to Haile Maile general store, so if you’re hungry after a visit, you’ve got one of Maui’s very best restaurants right across the road.

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